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18th Bday Party

Hi everyone. I am attempting to host an 18th birthday party in Surrey and want to rent a place as my house isn't big enough for the 40ish people I want to invite. Problem is, I want to serve alcohol but majority of the people at my party won't be 18 yet. This means if I were to rent out a place, the under 18s wouldn't be able to drink (which doesn't seem to be an option if I want people to actually come). We've also looked at marquees but, as I want the party in Jan for my bday, the heating and flooring makes it super expensive. Has anyone had this issue? Any advice? Thanks!
If i is a private party taking place on private premises (like a friend's house) and you are providing the food and drink rather than people buying from you, then the licensing laws won't apply.

However, what restrictions commercially rented-out house owners put on you is a different story.
Most airbnb's don't allow parties since
a) they don't want to **** off the neighbours
b) they don't want to take the financial risk of the place being trashed by U-18s who can't hold their drink and end up puking in the garden, urinating in the fish pond and breaking the beds due to full-on orgies taking place.

That's just by the way of explanation.
Sorry I don't have any recommendations but wish you every luck and a happy birthday for January

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