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What did people do for their 21st birthdays as looking for ideas?

I turn 21 in May and was wondering what people did for there 21st birthdays as I can't think of anything.
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Went for a meal with some of the closer family members, nothing big.
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learnt to fly a plane 😎
Had a party with around 30 friends in our fave cocktail bar! (NB. I don't drink, but people bought me mocktails and it was a fun evening!) :h:
no i'm not 21 yet (actually i'm still a teenager) but since that's the legal age to drink in the u.s, people generally celebrate by drinking
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On my 21st birthday, my best friends and I bought tickets for an overseas trip. We celebrated my birthday in Spain, and it turned out to be the best and most memorable celebration of my life.
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went to Berlin with a few old friends from school, 18th was more of a family affair

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