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I want to study economics at uni, my predictions are A*AA, here are my currert choices:
Bath - Economics(A*AA)
Southampton - Economics and Actuariel science (AAA)
Leeds - Economics and Maths (AAA)
Birmingham - Mathematical Economics and Statistics(AAA)
York - Economics and Econometrics (AAB)

I want a course that is heaavily influenced by maths and statistics hence the options, Bath is just straight Econ as the course looks really good anyways. What do you think about these choices?
Also, is AAB low enough as a safe otion or should I look for a lower offer such as Royal Holloway (ABB)
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I would say it depends on how confident you are that you'll get those grades. if you're worried they might slip in exam season then it might be safe to have another lower requirement uni, however, if you think this is unlikely i dont think it's necessary as you already have the AAB. I;d also say check the course at Royal Holloway and see if it's something you'd enjoy more than let's say at York or Leeds?

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