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Is there offer and Acceptance

Danica Ltd sees Ariana’s post about a clearance line for winter boots. She thinks theprice on Ariana’s website is too much, so emails Ariana offering to buy the boots fora lower price of £40 per unit. Danica Ltd asks Ariana to let her know if this isacceptable.Ariana responds via post and offers a price of £50 per unit, along with a writtenagreement for Danica Ltd to become a regular business customer in the future.A representative of Danica Ltd opens her letter on Friday morning and the businessmanager signs it and intends to call Ariana directly about the purchase of boots laterthat day.Before this, Ariana realises she will not make a profit on that price, and so emailsDanica Ltd at 8pm on Friday night saying “please ignore my letter in the post, thatprice is no longer available.” She received an out-of-office response saying thebusiness is closed until Monday.The business manager of Danica Ltd calls Ariana later that night and immediatelysays, “You’ve got a deal, £50 per unit, we accept. I want to know is there an offer and Acceptance in this scenario please help.

Thank you
You’ve posted this under medicine. Is this a Law or Business subject related question?

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