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teacher attachment issues

also **** grammar i know but im typing on my laptop and cba. believe it or not im applying to medicine

im in year 13 and ive always struggled with developing crushes on teachers but im not delusional and don't actually expect or want something to happen, i actually don't even sexualise them or anything.

but i crave academic validation and just consistently want their attention or to be friends with them and it's starting to affect me really badly; I get really jealous when they act slightly "off" with me and argh im pathetic. I've made jokes about it to my friends and just about not being loved at home but it's having a massive toll on my mental health because I try so hard but i'm just really ******* stupid honestly and I just sometimes feel like im really really unlovable and that if somebody as nice as my teachers dont like me then maybe nobody will, very fkn dramatic ikk
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no your last statement is wrong. make friends and get in relationships. your thoughts will change. its okay to develop crushes on teachers but having a problem in it indicates lack of crushes or friends or relationships with other people around you
I went through the same back in high school 10+ years ago. It has a long-lasting impact on my life, certainly not positive. I would say you may want to seek help from therapists to sort this out as soon as possible before irreversible damage is done to you psychologically.

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