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Gaming monitor

Hi guys what gaming monitor would you recommend my TV is currently getting old and I am looking for big Monitor that’s fast and as high quality graphics and high quality audio coming out from the monitor. I am looking for it to be cheap but mainly high quality.

Preferably between £200 or £400
There's no specific monitor I'd recommend. It all depends what size monitor would be best for you, and what resolution. Along with what exact deals you can get.

Is 28" big enough for you? As in this deal:

If that's not a good deal for you, there are other deals on ebay.
This is the sort of brand new deal that any ebay deal would have to beat:

High quality audio from the monitor is an oxymoron. Would you be happy with headphones? Grado headphones (deals available for £70 or less on ebay) offer genuinely high sound quality and can be plugged straight into your PC.
If not, look for deals on small sub £50 used hi-fi speakers you can sit on your desk along with a £10 used hi-fi amplifier.

EG these speakers (bid up to £50 for them):
Or these:

EG this amplifier (bid up to £10 for it)

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