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Am I developing feelings or am I just... weird.

Long story short, I met this guy online. I wouldn't say we have a thing going on, but more so friends. We flirt a lot, and we throw some "I love you"'s occasionally, and you know the drill. Every time he texts me, I make sure everything I write makes complete sense, like to the point where I overthink everything I write. I make sure I don't copy the way he types or anything. I also told him in the past I hate Anime, (didn't think he would take it literally, but he did anyway) and now he thinks I hate it for real. The thing is, I do watch Anime's and have a lot of favorites. And he so happens to watch the same ones I did/do. I feel like I have to overanalyze everything I say or do around him, and it's driving me crazy, ngl. I feel as if I really cannot be myself around him. I do like him, but I also tell myself I don't, idk. I think it's the fear of rejection or catching feelings, mostly fearful because this is online. He knows what I look like, and I know how he looks like, and we called multiple times, so I know he is of age. I honestly don't think I can actually be myself around him, he makes me so nervous. I feel like I have to be extra perfect for him all the time. Any advices? help?
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Yes - You think you know what this man looks like? It could be a woman? It could be anyone else across the globe scoping for vulnerable lonely people just like you who are willing to engage with someone with a questionable motive. It's so easy to overlook the early stages and all the information transfer is one sided. It could all be ok but the big red flags are requests for money or images of yourself. Once a photo is online it is there for a lifetime.

You know absolutely nothing about this stranger. Be careful what you disclose. Be careful about sending personal details or images. It is clear already you are 'hooked' by the excitement of this transaction.

I don't know how old you are but step back and think about this screen information? What do you know? Nothing. If you are excited and having to think about this online conversation at every waking minute you are starting to be hooked on an invisible relationship with someone you know nothing about. Some online relationships can work but only if you know how to maintain your personal and safety boundaries. Please do open your eyes.

Take advice from Childline if you have concerns Tel 0800 1111
Look at for general online safety advice
Look at the MIND website for help and support on relationships and feelings.

If you would be afraid to tell your parents, or know that what you are being asked to do is wrong then something is massively wrong. Never ever agree to meet someone away from safety in a private or isolated place away from the security of a group of people.
i have done this . know him in real, face to face even if hes not a spam . people are slightly different in online and in real and that difference matters.
Thats normal for getting to know someone in the first few months or so, we always try to act perfect and make a good impression so they like us so we end up forcing ourselves to pretend to be a certain way.
But after a while, it become very tired and you don't want to pretend anymore, thats when things start becoming difficult.

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