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are they worth it

so i've been around this guy lately and hes been super nice to me but he js bork up w his girlfriend of 2 months who he had a crush on for 5 years... erm whenever i see him i get butterflies but im not sure what to do. he doesnt voluntarily come up to me but when he does its super sweet. omg also another little rant... i used to like his bestfriend who told ME that he likes my bestfriend.. like he was in love love.. it was weird. and now the bsf's feelings for my bsf have subsided and he has a foreign gf.. like in som other country. but he acts super close around me. idk if thats a red flag or hes tryna be friends after i blocked him on every other social. so erm . this is a mini rant. i sort of just need help 😭

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