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Advice for those looking to pass their driving tests.

Just passed my driving test having only been driving since mid-september and I have seen quite a lot of BS online so wanted to give some advice.

With regards to how long it takes to learn how to drive I would say that for the average person, it probably takes about 40-60 hours total learn how to drive.

But these hours don't have to be with the instructor. In fact I only ended up taking 7 hours and 15 minutes of lessons with my instructor and still managed to pass. Although I would recommend at least 10 for most people as I barely passed.

So in short, the BS you see from the driving companies saying you need 40 hours of lessons from an instructor to pass is not true, but I would say lessons from an instructor are essential and very useful.

I probably did about 40 hours of Practice with my Mum so did about 47 hours of driving practice in total.

I would also recommend watching videos of how to do the certain maneuvers you are struggling with and after each lesson or driving practice, reflecting deeply on what you learned, what process/steps you tried to take and didn't work, etc.

Good luck to anybody trying to pass! :smile:
Congratulations! :auto:
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thank you :smile:
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Congratulations for passing
I would strongly advise that all new drivers do some kind of advanced driver training within 12 months of passing their test. The roads today are busier than ever before and I would honestly say that the average standard of driving on UK roads today is alarmingly poor. I believe the manner and speeds with which you use the roads have a very real bearing on the safety of yourself and those around you.

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