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Can anyone recommend a good University for a psychology degree?
You really ought to research this yourself, as where you go to university is a very personal choice - consider location, entry requirements, campus feel, societies, the course itself, etc etc etc. Plenty of good advice on how to choose the right university for you on TSR. But specifically for psychology, you really want to apply to a place that's BPS accredited. It's a guarantee of quality, if you will, plus a necessity if you want to become a psychologist.
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Original post by Natasha_corder
Can anyone recommend a good University for a psychology degree?

Hi i've applied for psychology and from looking at a large variety of courses and also rankings of uni- its all down to personal prefrence. The courses need to be BPS accredited so when researching ensure you have looked into that. I personally prefered campus unis - however you might prefer city unis. My best advice is to go to as many open days as possible and compare courses to see which uni is right for you
Original post by Natasha_corder
Can anyone recommend a good University for a psychology degree?

Hi @Natasha_corder ,

What are you looking for in terms of your degree and location?

Do you have any preferences or are you at the start of your journey in looking at universities.

I would echo the advice from @Scotland Yard and @Imogen285 . Your University choice is very personal and visit as many open days as you are able to!

I am a final year student at the University of Kent. I am hoping to stay and pursue a Masters because I love the universities teaching and opportunities I have benefitted from so far. I also love the campus so that definitely helped. I could go on about what I love about the psychology course at Kent but you could take a look at our website to discover more for yourself and if you have any more questions feel free to ask them or join one of our open days!

Our website:
Open day information:

You can also explore our university virtually if you cannot make it in person.

Finally, when looking at what the Psychology course is about at Kent make sure you have a read of the modules to see the course would be of interest to you.

Good luck! :smile:

University of Kent - Final year BSc Psychology
Original post by Natasha_corder
Can anyone recommend a good University for a psychology degree?


Great question! Have you considered Lancaster University? We are a top uni in the UK and have a very respected psychology department. I've been at Lancaster since 2020, and I love it! The psych department even offers students the opportunity to get involved with research - such as in our BabyLab or Neuroscience Lab. This means you can gain extra skills without even having to do a placement year. There is also a study abroad option which I would really recommend.

Here is the link to our page

If you have any questions about life at Lancaster let me know!
Holly B 🙂

(Psychology Student Ambassador)
Original post by Natasha_corder
Can anyone recommend a good University for a psychology degree?

Hey there! 😀

As a Psychology student at De Montfort University (DMU), I can share some insights into what makes the programme stand out and why I would choose DMU one more time.


The psychology programme covers a diverse range of modules, allowing us to explore different branches of psychology and figure out the most fascinating for us. Whether you are interested in clinical, forensic, or cognitive psychology, DMU provides a well-rounded curriculum that caters to various interests.


The university provides modern facilities, including research spaces and equipment. These resources enhance the overall learning experience and the development of practical skills. Therefore, apart from regular lectures, we attend seminars (interactive discussions), workshops (practical classes with psychological software), and tutorials (practical demonstrations with psychological software and equipment).


DMU has strong connections with industry professionals and organisations. This facilitates opportunities for placements, internships, and networking, giving us a head start in careers upon graduation. During my first two years, I completed two Psychological internships, a Spanish language course, a TEFL online course, and participated in two academic-led trips abroad. This year, I am doing a student exchange in Psychology in Spain!


The psychology student community at DMU is vibrant and inclusive. There are various student-led societies and events that provide opportunities to connect with peers who share similar interests. Additionally, Leicester is full of students and is ranked as one of the most affordable cities for us.


It is worth noting that DMU's Psychology programme holds necessary accreditation from the British Psychological Society (BPS), ensuring that the curriculum meets the highest standards and we can pursue the career of Practising and Accredited Psychologists.


Education 2030 - a new teaching programme in a block format, meaning that one or two subjects are covered at a time instead of several at once. I have not experienced it yet as I am away. However, recent data obtained from our students shows that it has been a game-changer, significantly reducing the workload.

I have found it to be an excellent choice that combines academic excellence with professional development and an inclusive environment.

I hope it was helpful 💪 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 😉 You can also chat with me or other students directly through The Ambassador Platform.

If you are looking for general information regarding the course, you can find it here.

Take care,

Psychology student
De Montfort University
I studied at Royal Holloway for my Psychology degree and I don't feel that I can recommend it. I recently wrote a post about my experience Challenging and Long-lasting Experience at Royal Holloway Psychology if you'd like to read about it. In short, I wish I did my degree somewhere else.
Some good universities for a psychology degree that come to mind are Bath, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, UCL, Oxbridge, etc.

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