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EU Migrant worker transfered to Student Finance England

Good morning, can someone help to understand what is happening.
I applied on 23rd pf Sept as a Eu Migrant Worker, I sent everything except my letter of Employment, when I was told do send the letter of employment I did this and after a few weeks I was transferred to Student finance England and now I can do everything online.
My question is what it means that I was transferred to Student Finance England, the application is still processing and I was told that this transfer is a good sing and now I have to wait for my payments.
But my application is still processing and it says that I have actions to complete.
Question 1: If I was transferred to SFE from Eu Migrant Worker what it really means?
Question 2: I sent via Royal mail all the Documents for my Eu Migrant Worker application, do I need to upload again same Documents sent with Royal Mail?

This is Taking too long, I've already finished first semester and if I call SFE I get different answers all the time.
Can someone help me please with some clarification?
Thank you.Kind Regards.
Hi Ionut,

You would be best contacting us via live chat or calling so that an adviser can check this for you.

0300 100 0607

Thanks, Clare

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