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Does this boy like me?

So basically I was walking down in the school hallway and I just saw a pretty boy. We made eye contact as I walked past him and he was waiting outside for his lesson so on my way to class I turned around and looked at him three times while walking away because I wasn’t sure whether I liked him or not. Then I didn’t see him for a while because bear in mind there are 2000 kids in our school. I’m 18 btw.

Anyway yesterday I left school to go home in my free period and I saw him with two of his friends. We made eye contact and he was kind of in the way so he moved away and stood against the wall with his friends. I walked past him and I turned around be looked at him again and he was staring and the minute I turned around he quickly looked somehwere else hiding his face and smile.

Why do u think he did this do you think he likes me or could
Hi there.
To be honest it is hard to tell
Because no one here knows him.
But you, do you like him?
If yes, then try to break the ice by talking to him.

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