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Maintenance loan for EU student / Migrant worker

I am studying a university Undergraduate degree full-time in England. I am a mature student (25) from the EU and started my degree with a foundation year in September 2020. So far I have only applied and got tuition loan, and have been working throughout my degree to maintain myself as I have no financial support from my family.

I’ve had to work long hours, til the point where this year I am off university as I couldn’t progress because I failed 40 credits (due to my lack of time to focus on uni) and will be back in university next September after taking the Resits for those credits.

I only recently learned that some EU students are able to get maintenance loan and would like to ask if I could request that for next year. I have been living continuously in the Uk since September 2020 ( 2 weeks before the start of my degree) , so I have pre-settle atatus a1nd would only request the maintenance loan for my last year 2024/2025.

Any information and help with this would be highly appreciated.
Thank you
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Hi there,

If you were to continue to work during your study then you could apply to be a Migrant Worker which means you can get the Maintenance Loan, Tuition Fee Loan and Supplementary Grants. Once the Applications open for the 2024/25 academic year then you would need to complete a paper PN1 form and post this back to us. You would also need to provide your employment contract which would need to contain your employment start date, contracted hours per week and it would need to be signed & dated by the employer or employee. We would also ask for the last 3 months of your payslips and most recent P60 if available.

Thanks, Drew

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