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Student finance has screwed me over with new policies I never knew about

So long story. I am a 20 year old third year (final year) undergraduate student who was entitled Settled status (from Pre settled) last month. I was unable to get Maintenance loan for my past 2 years because I had to apply as migrant worker, and did not have enough payslips to show the entire years. I tried applying as a family member of a migrant worker, using my parents as they have have their own limited company. (However my parents own the company and dont pay salary to themselves - With other words No invoices in their own name, and we were unable to to provide the evidence required even though we were eligible in theory. I thought the only way was to wait until I was entitled Settled status which I finally got in February 2024.

I submit another late application for 2023/2024 asking for the minimum amount of maintenance loan. Firstly my application gets approved and they say I need to wait until they confirm all details. However yesterday they emailed me saying that I needed to have settled status throughout the entire academic year (2023/2024) while I got settled status in February - With other words too late. I cannot afford to sustain myself without a loan and will be kicked out of my accommodation.

I thought this fight was over. They tell me I still need to apply as a migrant worker even though I have settled status which to me is absurd and I have never heard of this rule. As mentioned above my parents cannot provide the evidence required that they are working because they are asking for invoices in their own names or summary from an accountant (Which they dont have). What should I do?

We can only class you as a Home student and make you eligible to apply for a maintenance loan from the point you are awarded settled status. If you are an EU national and did not have settled status before February then you will need to apply as a Migrant Worker to be eligible for the maintenance loan.


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