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retaking my a levels

so im 20 and i have decided to retake my a levels - the first itme i was always in hospital so i decided to repeat the year, the second time i got covid during my a level exams so i missed alot of exams so they gave me the first mark that i sat for the first paper divided by 3 and gave me that result. The third time i did a foundation year at a uni and was doing well but my parents didnt allow me to move out so was doing a 5-6 hr commute with my illness and ended up paralysed and was unable to sit my final exams. I want to give it one last shot before i give up on engineering - how many hours a day should i study if i was to take maths and physics a level and where would you recommend getting the resources from - its been a while since i've studied a level content. Any tips or reccomendations. I also want to study a language for fun at a level base - just to clear my mind off maths and physics and i dont need to do that amazingly on the language - my dad said it will be good for me and he doesnt mind paying for the language to be sat at a level and it doesnt matter if i pass or fail as long as i enjoy it and learn something from it - i only need to do really well in maths and physics. I dont want to a degree in engineering but a degree apprentiship or apprentiship but for that my health needs to be a bit better as all the apprenticeship schemes are outside of london for the type of engineering i want to get into and plus they have high requirements like A's and A*s. I am also a part time gcse tutor and am learning digital marketing through online courses and projects (unpaid) - I want to get a part time job or do a hybrid digital marketing scheme for 6months - 1 year but if i can't just refine my skills in the meantime - until i think im physically able to do enginereing again - on top of getting my writing out there and publishing a book - what will be the best time management. With me when I was ill and always in hospital I was always revising and did poor when I just focused on a level, but when i balanced it out with everything else my mental physical wellbeing improved a lot as a result my grades improved a lot. Any tips and suggestions will be much appreciated.
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:

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