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Am I a bad person, or what am I?

I don't never talk about my feelings, even in front of my family or best friends. I don't explode, i just let it out when i'm alone.(just crying)

I get jealous when my friend keeps going to social gatherings without me but still claims to have no social life. (I can't join them bc idk the host)

I'm too much of an introvert that i don't feel comfortable around people. I've known the same group of people for a year and abit now and see them everyday at school but i feel like i can't fully trust them even though they are lovely people. Theres only one person I feel more like myself around but even then, we don't have the relationship were we talk about feelings.

I don't like massive physical touch like hugging or linking arms with friends, I've never had a bf but i can picture myself doing that with them instead of my friends.

Again, too much of an introvert that I never had a love life. I don't think my personality is the problem and i'm not a model but i'm defiantly not ugly. I sort of just want it to come naturally so i don't put that much pressure or force myself to do that. I'm always in the mindset of "love will come when i least expect it" but is that just me being lazy.

Sometimes I dont understand why people are upset abt smt small like a guy non stop texting them, why cant u just block them and get it over and done with instead of making the situation worse. Idk if this makes me a bad person for not having empathy or just not knowing social skills.

I always leave stuff to the last minute and then panic. Then i stress but i only have myself to blame so is it really okay for me to be stressed.

I think looks are just as important as personality. I don't want to date some who you i find disgusting even though they may be amazing inside. Though i never find people totally ugly.

I find myself not relating to people who call themselves ugly bc in my eyes, they are beautiful so i don't rlly know how what to say bc after a while, saying "no ur not" stops working.

I can't comfort people. I feel like nothing i say sounds genuine. It's not like i'm being passive aggressive or trying to be mean. I can say smt and make it sound nice but i don't feel anything behind my words if that makes sense but i think this may be in my head. It just causes me to overthink and say less.

I always find myself comparing myself to others whether it comes to academics or looks in order to motivate, upset or book my happiness.

I find myself just randomly hating people and wanting to distance myself but then feel completely fine after a week.

I want people to know that i'm not rude, inconsiderate, arrogant, manipulative aggressive etc. I always analyze my behavior and think about what i say. I do over think alot and my friend said that some stuff i do is normal but idk if shes saying that bc shes my friend and doesn't want to make me feel bad or genuinely means it. I need more opinions.


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