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Should I go to my job dismissal appeal meeting?

I have recently graduated from uni in 2023, and in my hometown while I search for a job in London, which is where i want to move back to after studying there.
In the meantime I had a part time job in hometown working in the Amazon department of morrisons. I had issues when I started it. One of them being with the job hours no where near what they outlined and the hours I agreed with them based on how much I can do with the London job search comittments and other comittments with my fashion career. It was only supposed to be part time 16 hours a week, but they were making me go up to 30 each week turning it into full time. In the interview I agreed with them I'm in need of part time, as i'm working towards other comittments and intense recruitment processes for london. But I only had no more than 15 hours for first 3 weeks of rota, which was not too bad, I was going to keep at it if my rota stayed like that. It was only going to go up to 30 after xmas.
But then also, they dismissed me unfairly. I was being trained on how to do everything, it was pretty easy, just a case of knowing where stuff was. I got the hang of it, but wouldn't be as speedy as their target while i just got the hang. I implemented corrections as best as I could. But she fired me on my second shift after i did ONE day of training. Because I was too slow and not meeting speed targets. She thought I wasn't listening to anything said, when its a lot to learn for the first time. The manager is also not good to work with. She gets frustarted really easily, and gets mad when you can't double your contract hours to 30 when your only part time.
So after I got dismissed, I reconsidered if the job really was for me, based on the reasons i gave here. So I don't know if i should attend the hearing if i don't know the job is for and whether i should take it back if they change their mind? Need advice on whats best. Don't want to waste time going to it, if i won't take it back if they change their mind. They said it won't go records and won't affect future employment.
Thanks in advance
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