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2 (4hrs) a week of driving lessons enough?

Ok, now I have another question. I now have found a new instructor who charges £35 per hour, and does only 2 hour lessons, which is fine. The only issue is he has so many other students to teach so he says there are only 2 lessons (4hrs) per student, to make things fair for all of them. I have had 2 lessons with him in December so far. However, I hit a hitch. Now, I booked my test for March 7th morning but now we are not sure if I will be ready by then because I will only have 5 weeks to master everything I need for my test! It would mean I only get 20 hours of lessons, which is very much below what the DVSA people recommend - he suggested (instructor) if I want to do it in March I should practice in my parents' car (I do manual, the family car is also manual) but now my parents (father) need to find the 2 hours a week of practice which is difficult coz he works for long hours and it may not be possible. I want to do at least 30 hours with my instructor if I can't get my dad to practice with me but he can only do 4 hours a week, meaning I will have to spread it out over 2 months. I am fine with that, but my greatest concern is how am I going to get a new test date? Even if I go to look for them on Monday morning at 6am, I see ones as far as July/August, and if I do like I have explained, I will need one for March end/start of April, coz I need to do the test and get my license in good time. I don't want to leave it too long cos I start lessons tomorrow morning and am just trying to not loose the monentum or anything like that. Just how do I deal with this issue?

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