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My collegeues didn't support me when I spoke out.

The problem was between me and my classmates in college . I basically became their butler and helped them (for free) in a lot of assignments. Whatever assignment there is, I go and write it down in our group chat on telegram. I volunteered to help, because in this college, the language that is used is English. And we are in middle east and speak Arabic/other languages and mostly everyone in the class doesnt speak the language. And because I know English due to being in English school when I was in elementary school, I felt i had to help translate everything the teachers said in English to Arabic. I wanted to help because I understand how it feels to know basically nothing someone says and feel like an idiot sitting in the class. I felt responsible for that and Iike it was my duty. Everyone would ask me what the teachers said [we are 57 students] and you can imagine how many qs those were coming from many people.

But unfortunately, that caused many of them to ask ENDLESS questions and come to me in person and in DMs. At first, I didn't mind this and I even welcomed any questions they have. I thought no problems of it, they are lost, they need help, I got them. I too ask many questions (although their questions were questions about things that I already had explained in a detailed form). But whatever I thought.

Then, I decided I will just pin the messages so they don't get lost in the chat. Anytime someone needs to read someone and is confused about the assignments and exams, they can just go to the pinned messages and waste no time. Sounds great right?
Except I started to notice my pinned messages were getting unpinned.
Then I started to get very frustrated and overwhelmed, I got so annoyed because I keep writing so much and they get unpinned and my classmates ask me SO many questions about things I've already written.
So here, I got angry. I started getting passive agressive and I assumed the leader of our class (also called class representative) was the one behind this action. Here's where I was very wrong: I didn't have to be shady and accuse her of unpinning them. I didn't directly say her name, but I made it obvious I was referring to her. We get into an argument in the chat, and during this time, NOBODY says a word. Not a single word. One gut even saying “if you have anything important to say, say it to the representative and they will post it to the group” which as an okay idea, no probelm, except they didn't say this to me. They Infromed me AFTER the messages were getting unpinned. And I also don't understand why we can't write what we want to write without telling the leader? Seems super egotistical to me.

Honestly I made some really strong arguments. Maybe you might think “they didn't support you bc you sounded childish” but even then, my points stand. Whoever unpinned my messages was definitely an ******* and I got the right to be mad- and I am saying all this for the benefit of the CLASS. I already know the exam and assignment, why would I need to care about them?
Seeing as nobody said a word and they didn't have my back, I then reverted to apologising. I just wanted to be over with this while thing bc it seemed nobody gave a ****. People in DMs even telling me no, the messages are in the chat and then telling me I was wrong (even tho I talked about the PINNED messages).

I apologised really well and took accountabily for the way I spoke (even tho deep down inside I am still sure that the representative is the one who would've done that) but to be fair, I didn't have strong proof. Its just feelings, becuase this girl (who is the leader) seems very power hungry and even the classmates told me they wanted me as a leader instead of her, but I refused that role (thank goodness). They kept talking badly about her but they all went cockraoch silent when all this took place in chat. I never said anything bad about the representatives to them by the way (I knew they weren't trustworthy).

Overall their arguments were : 1) you should've told the representatives whatever important stuff we have and not write it yourself (bs, thud group is meant for discussion and I'm eittung what I LISTENED to in the class, why shouldn't I? But oh well, they never informed me prior and I said that to them and also, they never posted tbe “important stuff” again) and the person who said that Is very close to the rep. 2)” maybe someone deleted the messages by accident when clicking on them” 🙄🙄🙄.

So you tell me, do those sound like good points?
By the way, only one person spoke out about this in the group (in defends of me) and then my classmates (some) like those messages and even said “well said” to this person. But why not support me DIRECTLY????
Then other kiss a&&es supported the leader and gave her love (but this was for another fight that broke in the group…. In the same day too lol) but still… very cowardly. Everyone knows this leader is lazy and doesn't keep up to dates with the announcements. But sure she's “amazing and trying her hardest” as someone said.
Overall, I'm mad. I'm ****ed. I'm hurt.
This all seems childish maybe, but I can't help feel people are so awful, cowardly, two faced, and just leeching creatures. I am seeing them (classmates) as nothing more than parasites and walking insects who annoy me.
But now, I've learned the lesson. I no longer answer their Qs [i direct them to the leaders and the teachers/professors] I keep it friendly just to be civil, but I won't be that nice again. I complimented them alot, gave them words of encouragement, told them not to worry about learning English and their academic status becuase I was there too!! And I was just fine. I go above and beyond and…… no words from them when this fight happened. Not even messaging me privately to tell me it will be alright, or supporting me. Were did all this “love” go huh.
I understand this isn't a life or death situation but I'm very hurt at the nature of people. Why is everyone so cowardly? What happened to all the kind interactions. I feel used and I feel like I'm a doormat. Is this how everyone is? Is this how humans are? If so, its very sad. I am 21 and I've been through many life situations, including bullying and many hurtful situations. But I see the best in people and I assume everyone is so kind…. And they aren't leeching parasites.
Thank you for reading all of this.
Then they are mean!
Why are yu helping people cheat on assignments? You could get in trouble ...

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