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Can I get funding for a second degree?

I feel I have made a massive boo boo getting a degree in photography. Photography is still a passion of mine it is just not something I want to pursue a career in. What I do really want to do is work in theatre or film production and I have seen a few degrees I am interested in. One at London School of Speech and Drama and another at Rose Bruford College. The crippling feeling that I have failed at life keeps me up at night, any advice would be much appreciated.
If you have a BA already then a second BA in theatre/film production would not be funded.

Have you looked into getting work in those areas to build your knowledge? Work experience would probably mean you could get a masters in those areas in a few years.

Screenskills and BFI have vacancies and placement adverts available, and most theatres will have information on their websites (or just get in touch with them and ask).
Hi there, I can see PQ has responded above. Any further questions then do let us know. Thanks, Jason

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