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Summer Job but going on holiday

Hi I’m in year 13 and looking for a summer job to do before uni. However I found out my family booked a holiday abroad for 10 days (Late July). The tickets cost a lot and we’ve never been on a family holiday before but they wanted to go on one before I leave for uni.
Im not sure how to go about this when apply for a summer job like do I tell them at interview. Do I get one before quit then get another one after? Do I use holiday days ??

Any advice or anyone been in this situation before?
it depends on when you look to start working and also when your going to stop before going back to uni. I got a job in the summer before uni last year but only started working from the 18th July, and had been looking for a job for a few weeks to a month. If you are still planning on taking the holiday then it would be best to tell them in interview, but I would think that it would be unrealistic that they would let you take a 10 holiday so early into the job especially because there is usually a probation period. i tried to get a 1 day holiday for my results day and they denied it :frown:. you could also ask to start working after the holiday that way there are no interruptions, but it's not guaranteed they would agree to this (there are a lot of students looking for summer jobs so they would probably pick someone else) and you would probably only work for a little over a month before going back to uni.

maybe look for more flexible work? like sign up to some agencies that let you work festivals (I did hapsolutions, it was easy to sign up to but I never really used it as I don't live near major cities) that way there is no rota you just choose shifts. have you started looking for jobs yet or gotten any interviews?

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