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If i dont show up to an SQA exam, will i be withdrawn automatically?

I just got a few conditional offers back from Universities and they all only require a grade in a single subject, so naturally i am wondering whether or not i can just drop the other two subjects i am studying to focus on the third. I am well aware that i should contact universities before doing so as it may count as fraud to drop subjects without telling the unis and furthermore the unis might change my offers if i do drop these subjects.
I have done some reading online and found out that you can simply fail the courses you cant drop out of (should the school or uni get in the way) and the conditional offer (if already accepted) cannot be revoked as i technically fufilled the conditional requirements and i havent commited fraud as i still took the SQA courses but rather i just failed.
So my main question is if i am automatically withdrawn from an SQA course if i simply do not attend the exams, i understand that i might get a FAIL or NO AWARD however i am wondering if that can get me withdrawn by the SQA. Also if i do get a NO AWARD, does that still count for the uni offer?. On a side note, my school withdrawing me is not an issue as i have already spoken with them.
Why not just attend the exams and see how you do with zero preparation?

Not attending would normally result in a X grade showing non attendance - which wouldn't be completing the qualifications you listed as pending on your application

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