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Issue with housemates

I live with a girl my age and our live-in landlord, an elderly man. I live in an outbuilding with a toilet but share the house- living room, shower, kitchen, etc. with them. The landlord owns guinea pigs, I own a hamster and dog.
When I moved in it was simple whatsapps if anyone wanted something from me out of the usual or if they had people staying over a couple of nights. I cleaned after myself, kept quiet, there were no issues. Over two months the other girl has moved her boyfriend in and insists he is a guest, the landlord has decided to make my life hell to try and manage the situation rather than telling her to get him out as he feels more comfortable with me than with her. I have to say whenever I enter or exit the house- idea being we all do so he knows how often the boyfriend is there, but they never update us, and I have to dig through the bins and take excess out and store it in the shed, the waste issue only started when it became four people and four animals. I have an airfyer and seperate fridge and cannot cook any meat in the house or keep it there but they do so openly and I get told to clean ovens, sort dishes, get rid of the smell, when it's nothing to do with me. They tell the landlord if I leave any dirt in the shower even though they often leave it covered in hair dye, hair and soap and now he says I can't wash my dog inside as I always have done, without issue, but outside with a cold hose which she hates. I take her to uni, in taxis, cafes, etc. so have to keep her very clean. They use my soap, shampoo etc. and make up issues with me and tell the landlord if I take it out of the bathroom. They have eaten my dog's meat out of my fridge before- nice organic cuts I would never buy myself- and even tell the landlord if I leave any possessions in the house, claiming they are dirty and making it hard to live there (harness on the floor by the washing machine, books on the coffee table). I do all household chores and somehow ended up doing all the care for his guiena pigs too while they do nothing and endlessly moan if the house looks even slightly lived in. I can't find anywhere in my budget that will allow my animals.
What can I do about this?

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