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Is wanting "time alone" normal in a relationship?

We have lived together for just over a year now. Things are great. We spend a lot of time together, and I guess I'm just asking if it's ok in a relationship to want to spend some "alone" time without it coming across as "I want space"?

I can imagine a lot of people would say this is negative and that couples should be spending all their time together, which I personally feel is untrue. I mean, we have our friends, work groups... It just seems to be to be unhealthy to want your partner to be there all the time ?
Completely normal.

I find it decidedly gross when couples have so little going on that they spend every waking moment together.
It’s normal :smile: you are both your own person and it’s okay to spend time alone. It would be bad if you were dependant on each other 24/7 and couldn’t function without the other. Even if you start with doing separate things in the same room you both just doing your own thing ,is completely fine and healthy whilst enjoying each others company
Normal. I'm pretty introverted and need time to recharge, my partner does too, just a matter of explaining it respectfully rather than barking you need space or making them feel rejected or to blame.

Best of luck to couples who can genuinely make being inseparable work but it isn't healthy for a lot of people

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