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ADHD- in HK and struggling with grades

Hi All,

i have 7 As, 2Bs in IGCSEs and live in A levels. Took Bio, Chem and Maths in A levels as I wanted to pursue medicine.
I was diagnosed for ADHD in 2021 but dont take any medication yet as it caused side effects and I thought i could manage. My symptoms are not every severe.

Now in A levels (Edexcel bord) and targetting P1, P2, P3 for Bio Chem and Maths in May (8 weeks left). My mocks have been terrible and got D and Es. I am thinking to start my medicine soon but not sure how much it will help.

Also, I was targetting to study in Hong Kong (HKU, CUHK, HKUST) as not sure my parents would like me to go abroad give my ADHD and lack of organization.
Medicine seems to be a dream thats too good to be true for me as all above Unis require A*. I was thinking about trying to do an undergraduate in Psychology or "international/health development".

I am feeling very stressed as I will start to apply for Unis in Nov/Dec 2024 and my grades are very bad.

1. do HK universities consider ADHD in admission decision i.e. if I declare it as disability would my lower grades be considered? The requirements for Psychology is also AAA or AAB for development based on the online information. I tried looking up for ADHD accomodation in admission process but could not find any information

2. i have 8 weeks left only and have been spending hours and hours studying with no real output till now. GCSEs were so much better. do you think i can improve my grades in these exams in May ? I have supposedly covered most of the course and have got 1-1 tutors for the subjects too but these have not helped.

Please share your thoughts.

thanks a lot for your help.

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