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Is a uni asking for fee status a good sign

So basically, I'm an EU national living in the UK. I have lived here since I was 2, so for 16 years. Did all my schooling here. So a couple of uni have asked for my fee status and asked for my share code Does this mean they are considering me? My friend who's basically in the same boat as me got an offer a few days later after they asked for his status. Coz like if they didn't want you wouldn't they just reject you straight up?
Hi vesq,

You would need to discuss this with your university - we can only assist with SFE funding queries here

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Hi Vesq,

If you have any further queries on Student Finance let us know.

Going back to the original question - not necessarily. Sometimes the fee status is assessed independently of an admissions decision.

But it’s not a bad sign :smile:
Hi there,

If you have any further questions you can contact us on this platform.

Thanks, Drew

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