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What do guys think of good girls but are naughty (kinky) in the bedroom?

Girls who are very sweet but behind closed doors it's another story.
Original post by Anonymous #1
Girls who are very sweet but behind closed doors it's another story.

Isn't this a fantasy for most/many guys???
The problem is that this is a fantasy and in practice it never happens. The fantasy is the contrast between the sweet, virtuous girl that then becomes a wild, sex crazed monster when in private. Not a single girl or woman is that binary. Everyone is nice some of the time, and even those that are nice or appear more innocent most of the time will have times in public or among friends when they are not. Equally, everybody has fantasies, fetishes or kinks of some kind. But those develop over time, and a very large part of the extent to which they come out is the nature of the relationships (both sexual and non sexual) with their partners. No guy is going to go out with a girl who is 'entirely virtuous' and then walk into the bedroom for the first time and find them in a catsuit with a whip in hand.

Like everything, people want to date other people that they are physically attracted to, get on with, can communicate well with, and who they are sexually compatible with. Describing a hypothetical girl or woman based on two artificial characteristics isn't going to result in feedback that can be put into practice in any way. If you are said sweet girl who is kinky in the bedroom, I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who are compatible with you, because of those characteristics and many more besides. But don't see it as something that is a turn off or turn on. Everyone is different. Just be who you are, and you're far more likely to be attracted to and to attract guys who are compatible with you.

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