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Near miss roundabout

This week I’m not sure what’s happened as I’m usually a safe driver but there’s been 2 close calls which have made me feel really guilty.
1st incident and 2nd incident are basically the same situation: I pulled out on a roundabout and didn’t see the car on the right. 1st incident it was on a mini roundabout so we just stopped and carried on. 2nd incident was on a large roundabout where the car was so close passing me I had to break.
Could I get reported for any of these close calls?
I just feel absolutely awful because I’d never want to hurt anyone and it was a genuine mistake I was shocked I made it.
I’ve only been driving for 5 months.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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People make genuine mistakes when driving, the good thing is you recognise those mistakes. Ive been driving for about 3 years now, and i can honestly say if roundabouts make you nervous its better to annoy the person behind and be a little more cautious than to feel rushed and pull out on someone.
Some people on mini roundabouts also forget to give way to those already on the roundabout, I’ve been in a situation before where i was already on it and a large car to my right joined after me without indication and nearly hit me. Its scary for sure but if no one is hurt we can learn how to handle the situations better.

I doubt you will get reported as incidents like this happen every day, just try and avoid it, might be worth on a free day planning a route with tonnes of roundabouts, and driving with an experienced passenger. It will help you gain some confidence in roundabouts :smile:

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