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How to cure sleep paralysis Watch

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    (Original post by serah.exe)
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    Not what I expected to see, and Im happy this way. But sorry about your problems and all.

    I'm no doctor but sleep paralysis occurs when you wake up during REM sleep.

    If you wake up during REM sleep, usually what happens is you are VERY tired but you have also woken up in the middle of a dream so you remember it. However, with sleep paralysis, your body hasn't woken up yet.

    I would say two things:

    - Get rid of anxiety and stress throughout the day
    - Wake up in a non-REM bit of your sleep cycle.

    (Original post by DavyDG)
    I sleep at 12 and wake up at 5 everyday i think thats regular. And for the alarm i tried didnt work

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    See, a sleep cycle lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes (90 minutes).

    12:00 AM + 90 minutes = 1:30 AM
    1:30 AM + 90 minutes = 3:00 AM
    3:00 AM + 90 minutes = 4:30 AM
    4:30 AM + 90 minutes = 6:00 AM

    I think if you stop interrupting your sleep cycle, the problem will be fixed. So if you go to sleep at 12 AM, wake up minimum at 6 AM
    (or 1:30 AM if you're a rebel), if you want to wake up later then 7:30 and then finally 9:00 AM.

    (Original post by DavyDG)
    I cant go back to sleep because i will be having nightmares

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    (Original post by aamirac)
    know this is going to sound really really weird.
    But have you tried to divert the topic of your dreams? Since you're aware that it's a nightmare, have you tried to change the scene and then gradually wake up or go back to sleep.
    (Original post by samantham999)
    Sleep on your side and maybe pray a little at night?
    (Original post by TheYearNiner)
    considering you are from zimbabwe, i suggest you watch or visit yadah tv. im sure you've heard of it.. Walter Magaya
    I suggest these as remedies for bad dreams if they still persist.

    (Original post by DavyDG)
    I have a problem with sleep paralysis. It happens almost everyday with me actually counting less than 10 nights since january when i dont have it. It stats with a very bad dream . Usually i now know how to distinguish if it is a dream and i try to wake up. I then realise that i am paralysed and cannot move even my eye lids. I usualy get out of it by using all my power to move my leg and i when it just moves an inch i wake up like i have been statled. Yesterday the routine of trying to move my leg did not work and i had to spend 30 minutes being concious and having the nightmares continuosly play out in my head but knowing that its a dream and i could not get out of it. Its now becoming harder and harder to wake up. Im even scared to go to sleep. Please help
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    You should go and see a doctor if it's bothering you. They can recommend you to the sleep clinic where they will monitor your sleep patterns. And may be able to help you

    See a doctor


    I am sure if I research for a whole hour and come back with a list of things I learnt you would probably know it all OP.

    Therefore, all I can say is that u visit the GP to meet up with a doctor

    I wish u the best

    I recently had an episode of sleep paralysis. I heard a voice coming from my laptop telling me to kill someone. I was like "f*ck that, I'm really tired, do it yourself".

    If your SP persists, then please see your GP.
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