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Underweight watch

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    (Original post by pineneedles)
    I don't mean to be rude as such, but don't be bloody stupid. Plenty of people are trying to support you, on this thread and at your school. They can't sit there and ignore the fact that your weight isn't healthy. Take the help. It's worrying that you're so adamant to not get help with this if you don't have an ED. I'm underweight myself and I've taken all the help I can to get to a healthy weight. You should, too.
    So happy that my English is not that good to understand half of your message

    (Original post by kosmooos)
    So happy that my English is not that good to understand half of your message
    What I wrote was completely understandable to someone who is actually willing to listen and take advice.

    the answer

    Ok seriously listen man you don't wanna die over the number on the scale... just break the scale. BREAK IT NOW.

    ...I'm waiting...

    Okay now, you can gain weight and look damn hot - it's called muscle.

    Is that girl not perfection^^ I mean DAYM she's beautiful i just CAN'T - GOALS right there

    what about that one? UNF

    and they weigh MUCH more than you do! muscle weighs more than mass so you're scale would be telling you you're fat but you're mirror's telling you you're buff af

    skinny != pretty !!!

    Please PLEASE see the GP, and instead of feeling victimised and being force-fed, cooperate and get that body! eat those carbs and go to the gym! please live your life - i thought self- starvation was a thing of the past! you are literally killing off your brain cells and if you wanna go to uni or do well in your exams you're gonna need as many of those as possible! you're also damaging your body and taking YEARS off of your life! will it be worth it when you're tubed and in a hospital bed? When you don't even have energy to open your eyes? come on! there's more to life than weight and i know it's easier said than done but if you don't help yourself no one can help you and in a year's time you're going to WISH you started today!

    PLEASE PLEASE save yourself! it's really really not worth it, you're messing with death here! you're still young and growing and you will flourish and lose the baby fat and you're beautiful whether you weigh 200kg or 40 kg okay so you might as well be healthy! you'll feel much better, look much better, give off more positive vibes and EVERYONE will be jealous of your body!
    if you want skinny, be healthy skinny - not bones and starving skinny... please?

    good luck and let us know how you get along!

    Wtf, how many schools take obese children aside and decide among themselves to refer them to dietitians? That sounds like all levels of wrong to me.

    None of us know you, so I'll concede that we don't know as much about the situation as you do, however, what we do have is objectivity. In 99% of cases a BMI of 14.4 will come with severe health risks -contrary to popular opinion, being underweight actually has worse health risks than being morbidly obese.

    Considering that, it's worth taking some action towards making sure that you're not unaware of any health problems. If you are uncomfortable seeing your GP about it, that's fine. I would be apprehensive about doing so. I also have an underweight BMI (~17 if you care), and I eat more than most people I know, so take that how you will; however, there's no harm in observing your eating habits for a week or two.
    Cons: bit of time to do it
    Pros: if there is anything wrong, be it under-eating or finding out you don't get enough of x vitamin, you know and can fix it.
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