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How to resolve housemate issues watch

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    (I live in campus accomodation). I heard some housemates in the kitchen jokingly ***** about another housemate and I thought it was about the one that was moving house. When I talked to this girl I didn't say that they were being malicious and horrible. When she saw the other housemates the next day she only asked if them if they thought she was rude because she didn't talk to them. And they started asking why you ask/did you hear something/who told you she didn't say my name but they just guessed it was me. Then when I came in they were like why are you saying we were calling her ugly and other *****y things? And none of that was said by anyone. I'd just gotten the housemate wrong who they were joking about. It is my fault really I misconstrued what was said but then somehow it got completely blown out of proportion like I'd been really *****y but what I originally said wasn't bad and when the housemate confronted her it wasn't bad. I don't think others trust me so much because I don't drink with them (I can't, I'm on medication for a year, so I don't go out much) and so they don't really know me at all. I already apologised over n over.
    The housemates HAVE *****ed on numerous occasions about eachother behind their backs so I wasn't coming from nowhere. It was just on this occasion I was wrong. That's why I don't like them because they're so fake nice. The girl who was moving & I have always heard what they say and talked about it together since we moved into this house, we're always really open with eachother. But I don't want to then have a group of them not liking me and given them even more fuel to talk about me behind my back which they do already.
    Sorry this is so long I just feel really bad coz if you do get to know me I'm really nice I don't mean anyone any harm I have just completely screwed this one up.
    Most likely I'll have people telling me it's no big deal I should just get over it.. but it is for me.

    If its unbearable you can always seek new accommodation by talking to whoever it is in charge of accommodation at the uni. It may be harder, but will be better long term if you try and resolve your differences with your housemates though. Talk to them, say you messed up and just want to put things right between you. I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of the female mind, and quite honestly your (plural) behaviour just makes no sense at all to me! I hate having tension around the home and I know others do when it arises, so its best to sort it out, that way everyone feels better.

    One's thing for sure, they're no loss.
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