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    I have worked at my local Morrisons supermarket for almost 3 years now. I first started as a Xmas temp and was contracted to 14 hours approx on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, this was whilst I was at college and basically this was my only free time to earn money so was happy to work the weekend shifts. They then got rid of me after Xmas, terminated my contract and that was that. In the February they rung asking if I wanted to go back which I did as it was a job and it was money, I never signed a contract when I returned to my job but they had seemed to change my contract to 15 hours over Friday, Saturday and Sunday which I still haven't signed to this day 3 years later! I spoke to my personnel manager who was absolutely no help toward my situation. I'm a 19 year old with no social life because my weekend is consumed by work, not out of choice but by force of the needs at work. I would get a new job but at the moment it's convenient as it is a 10 minute walk from home, I have no costs and I'm on £8.20 an hour. We have a new personnel manager at work now, and I'm about to write a letter as I have never put my situation into writing before however I don't know what to write as I can't go in saying I want my weekends, I don't go out, I barely see my partner or my family because I'm here Friday & Saturday night. I also might add I don't do just my 15 hours but do masses of overtime to fill gaps I probably do around 37 hours a week so do help them out an awful lot. Sorry for the long post, I'm just desperate for my life to change! Hope someone can offer some advice on what to write in the letter. Thanks.

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    Have you spoken to your manager explicitly and asked if anything can change?

    It's quite likely that they might cut down your hours but won't negotiate over weekend hours as they tend to be harder to fill (no one wants to work weekends) so have a really good think about where you can and can't compromise and at what point you want to quit the job.
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Updated: October 17, 2016
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