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any previous retakers out there? watch

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    which institutes accept the most retake students for medicine? any one a successful student?

    First thing to say is don't worry there are loads of retakers out there (INCLUDING THOSE WHO WANT TO APPLY TO MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY). I was a retaker this year, and have just got into Barts and the London.

    First time i applied, i only had one offer from Barts(ABB). I didnt get my grades last year so sent a letter to ALL the unis which offer medicine, explaining my circumstances... eg. what you got this year... and my special circumstances (I had family problems) in this letter you wanna be 100% honest... you need a reality check... so dont try to sell yourself at this point. I got lot of replies within a week or so... Some universities were just stuck up, but St Andrews and Barts and a few other places were sweet, and understanding... Obviously i decided to apply to the sweet unis!!

    I enrolled in a retake college... this is really expensive but worth it... if you can then DO IT.. if not then dont worry, you can still make it- if your determined.. I only enrolled to study one subject, because it was way too expensive for mum to afford, but it put me into a college where i got lots of support, and the teachers knew how to sell the students into medical school etc. By the way i studied my other 3subjects on my own.

    I asked my previous school teacher to do my ucas form, because she adored me :cool: ... anyway, sent the ucas form off, as soon as i got my confirmation and ucas application number.. i sent a seperate letter to each of the unis i had applied to elaborating on my personal circumstances surrounding my resits...

    Ok to cut my whole year as short as possible... i ended up with 3 interviews for medicine... brighton, st andrews, and barts. Passed St andrews and barts ...both gave me offers (barts AAB) st andrews (AAA)..

    I have had a really tough year... but i suppose it all paid off, but i do have to say you gotta keep focused 100% ALL YEAR its tough, and other ppl around u might lose faith... but keep strong and once you make your decision to resit there's no room for failure.. you cant slip a grade even by a mark so push it all the way... trust me just before results i was in such a state worrying if i had wasted my mums money and a whole year of my life, when i cud just end up in the same position as results last year... I sound like a drama queen i know... but i suppose i just can't imagine what id do with my life if i cudnt be a doctor....

    Finally, GOOD LUCK!! I dunno if i'll visit this forum much now but anyone who needs some help or just someone who knows what its like email me on - [email protected]
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