Chronic pain/vitamin d deficiency

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Hi everyone. So I am vitamin d deficient and am on prescription for it. This is becaude it is believed to be the cause of my chronic lower leg pain. However my levels arent that high yet so the pain hasn lessened. I hVe it from when I wake upto when i go to sleep. It is getting hard ti deal eith. It also often affects my back and arms. Has anyone get any tips for managing the pain??
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You need to work on raising your vitamin d levels as soon as you can.

Try to increase your sun exposure which should be easy in the current climate.

The most significant source of vitamin D is sun exposure.

It comes mainly in the period 11am to 4pm May to September.
So get outside as much as you can.

Calcium and magnesium are also important for muscle health and absorption of vitamin D into the body.
Magnesium helps muscle's relax and so should reduce pain in legs ( lack of this causes cramp in your legs).

So take a multivitamin and mineral pill everyday and look to improve your diet.

Look online for guides to foods which do this.

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