Flatmates smoke in non-smoking building. Watch

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Last month, Fire alarm alerted once at 1 am. and the filthy smell around the community kitchen and hallway, then the management person came and closed it. The next time last week, the filthy smell came again, they have a party which makes the bad smell leak to my room, so my sister came management part and the security come to check and found that they closed the fire alarm. This morning, they smoked again, so we told the management part again, they just told that they will send email to warn the tenant, and do nothing.

We decide to solve the problem by moveing to new dorm.
However, I want to know if we can get the bad flatmates and the ignorance management for this situation, since they are 3 men from three room which are friends so they always throw the parties even we notice them the sound and smell are disturb us.
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Throwing parties in uni accommodation is fine and expected. Smoking in shared spaces and disconnecting the fire alarm are definitely not ok. However, the accommodation management will have limited powers here. They're bound by UK rental law for a start. They've dealt with the situation each time, and it sounds like they are giving the problem tenants a formal warning.

What result do you actually want from this?

If you want to, I'm sure there's a complaints process you can follow- but I doubt you will get the sort of outcome you want.

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