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A joint honours from Surrey uni or single honours from Bath

Bath doesn’t offer a joint honours course in my chosen subjects (Sociology and Criminology) but I believe is a better uni overall than Surrey? Which is the better option, where should I study?
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I'm doing a joint honours at a uni that isn't considered that great but I think because I love the subjects as much as I do it makes the degree much more enjoyable and tolerable for me. I'd feel overwhelmed having to just focus on a single subject. So I think you should weigh up how important studying both subjects is to you and whether, if you took a single honours, you might miss the subject you don't choose. Also, think about why you view Bath as a better uni - status isn't everything. Look at the social scene, the societies, the lecturers, the local area and things like that too because that should also play into your choice. Ultimately, where would you be most comfortable? What course would you enjoy and be motivated to accomplish more?
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Bath over Surrey anyday
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The Sociology course at Bath includes some optional Criminology units.
Hi there, @Suzi Rigden

Your choice of course sounds very interesting! I recommend that you pick a course that you think you will thrive in, as doing a degree is a tough commitment.

Please have a look at the course page at Surrey, and you will be able to read student testimonials and watch the video made by the department, explaining what you can expect from studying Sociology and Criminology at Surrey.

The university is highly ranked in a range of different leaderboards, including the NSS, and the course is also highly ranked itself (you can see the different rankings by clicking the link above).

I hope this helps!

2nd Year Student in BSc Accounting and Finance

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