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Student in the City: Benefits of City-Living

A university’s location is an essential factor to consider when deciding where to study. You could even argue that the decision of where to study is just as important as what to study…

The university location will undoubtedly play a factor in your experience, not only through determining the opportunities available to you, but also in shaping the culture and environment to which you will live in. With the UCAS deadline looming, here are some of the benefits of choosing a city-based university:

1. You will have a greater access to opportunities. Cities are the hubs through which most things pass, whether that be politics, capital, people, ideas etc. By living in a thriving city, you will not only be able to gain access to more career opportunities, such as internships and wider work experience, but you will also have the chance to network with more people than you would anywhere else. This can help you make valuable connections and potentially jumpstart a future opportunity. Although it cannot be denied that opportunities can be found everywhere, it can be said that cities nurture a higher frequency and diversity of these opportunities.

2. There will be more diversity. This is another great advantage of living in a city. The student body is more likely to be diverse, with many travelling from all over the world to study at a specific university. These students will likely speak many different languages, have varied backgrounds and cultural norms. This will allow for you to learn from and be exposed to different people and cultures, making the learning environment extremely vibrant and interesting; especially if you are used to interacting with people who look and think like you.

3. There will be more things to do and experience. Life in the city can provide more entertainment than life in a more rural area. Depending on where you live in the city, you will likely not be far from shopping centres, restaurants and bars which will allow for great days out. From a practical student perspective too, there will of course be many supermarkets locally for you to do your weekly shop!

What is most unique about Swansea University is that it allows for both a city and rural experience. You can shop around the city in the morning and explore around the coast in the afternoon. You can more about why you should choose to study at Swansea here and even investigate what student life is like too via this link.

As I student myself, I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of Swansea University. As a small but vibrant city, there are countless adventures and opportunities to be had.

Megan, Student Ambassador, Swansea University.
(edited 10 months ago)

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