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Can I cook as part of my EPQ?

I'm thinking of doing an EPQ surrounding food history (I haven't finalised a question yet) and I would like to cook food to go alongside my presentation, but I don't know if, because I'm making something, it would be classed as the artefact or dissertation style of project. I've tried asking teachers but haven't really got any clear answers. Is it specified anywhere?
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This is what constitutes an artefact (from AQA):
An artefact can be a physical outcome such as a book or a short film, or it can be a presentation to a specific audience like a play, or an event such as a fashion show, or a musical evening. It might be an experiment, a performance, a website, a vehicle or a garment. There’s almost no limit to what constitutes a project artefact, as long as it has research at its core.

Seems very broad so you can probably do food. You could probably still cook if you chose not to do an artefact (the reduced word count can be limiting) by maybe conducting a survey in response to people trying your food, or something like that.

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