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Heart Problem

I've been to the hospital to get this checked out and I am now waiting for the results but, due to some unknown issue, the ECG hasn't been processed yet. The issue is that I am having heart palpitations, heart pain (sharp) multiple times a day and my resting heart rate ranges from 89-97. Can anyone give me some advice on this, thanks?
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There can be many many reasons for chest pain and heart related issues some serious, some minor and some nothing to do with your heart but related to your chest wall or your lungs (or other organs) that may still be minor in nature. It would be unusual for you to be released from hospital (A&E or outpatient) without your ECG being analysed for obvious defects.

You need professional medical advice, not well meaning advice from TSR members. Some legitimate online private medical sites allow you to transmit ECG results to them for assessment. But if you are having an acute attack of pain this is not the right way to go.

If you suspect you are having a heart attack or are diagnosed with angina that does not improve after medication (or you have never had a chest pain like it before) or your usual angina pain is different - dial 999 and get an emergency ambulance to assess you and if paramedics advise - take you to hospital to the A&E (ED) Heart attacks can cause strange arm, neck or back pain or feel like grizzly indigestion. If someone is pale, grey, sweaty, breathless don't delay. Some heart attacks (where a coronary artery is blocked) can cause few if any signs of a heart attack. Dial 999 if you suspect a heart attack. While you are waiting for help keep the unwell person sat in a position of absolute rest and get them to chew a 325mg aspirin tablet. Wasting time without dialling 999 is the worst thing you can do if you are having a heart attack. Delay is allowing your heart muscle to die. Every minute counts and delay may adversely affect your outcome.

In you are feeling OK but are still concerned dial 111 (NHS 24) and take advice.

In between I would contact your hospital again and ask if the results have come through. Ask for a GP appointment or call back outlining exactly what your concerns are.

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