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When redoing a university year - will results be capped?

Hey everyone-

I need some advice about redoing my university year. I am currently in 2nd year and struggled with ill health and mental illness. I am going to have to resit my year. For my exams I got accepted deferals but I fell behind on applying for mitigating circumstances on coursework I was unable to submit earlier in the year. Therefore, now my uni has capped my coursework resits grades at 40. I am aware that for most repeats years universitys only allow a capped grade. I was wondering if anyone knew or had advice on whether universities can take into consideration ill health as a factor to uncap grades or whether it is too late and my results are now limited. I am at KCL undergrad for context.
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It might be too late -that's the realistic stance.

The secondary response is yes, they can.


If you want to use MCs to have an uncapped year retake, the onus is on you to demonstrate significant MCs, and why you could not disclose these at the time. It is the last part which usually provides the sticking point. I don't know your circumstances, but maybe you can work it so that the latter point is minimised. It's hard to do this, in my experience, but it is worth a go.
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It is possible but the supporting paperwork will have to be rock solid, eg GP / consultant letter with dates that map to the assessment period in question. And a well-written personal statement that allows the reviewer to understand the how the PMCs impacted academic performance and any lack of engagement that led to key information not being presented sooner.

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