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Friendship struggles/issues


FYI this isn't abt who's right or who's wrong!
Sum it up I made a small matter turn big. And want advice abt how to not do that and essentially how to stop over thinking matters.

I just had a slight argument where I was obvs in the wrong. We resolved as communication is key yk. I said something which led to a misunderstanding bc of a misunderstanding ig I had on my part(with friend a). Misunderstanding abt other person in our friend group (friend b) . I was unintentially malicious and in the past it was never pointed out so I was unaware. So as friend a and I were obvs in the wrong we apologised to friend c abt what we said abt friend b. I obviously jumped the gun as I started this.

In past friendships, my intuition abt ppl usually isn't wrong and creepily I read ppls emotions quite well. Also friend b had problems with how they felt. That's what the misunderstanding was abt. So this played a part. I personally don't want to lose trust in my intuition nor do I want to lose friends over a seemly petty matter that is my fault to begin with. I feel pretty misunderstood most of the time as a lot of ppl don't understand me due to many reasons. I wanted to say something but it would clearly make things worst. Please help this silly teenage girl with her issues 😭

So sorry for the rambling I tried to make it as short as I could. I generally want to become a better person is what I'm trying to say. Sorry😭
Your heart is the right place, idk what advice to give but honesty is always key!
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Original post by evandeneynde
Your heart is the right place, idk what advice to give but honesty is always key!

I'm honestly just an over thinker with some communication issues I'm trying to fix. I have clearly hurt person c's feelings making it seem a and I don't want to be friends with them. I dragged a which is why I'm mainly saying its my fault 😅

I say some things ppl don't quiet understand so being misunderstood is pretty common but it's my friends so I do care

This doesn't happen often. However I just have a entirely different issue of always wanting to help ppl out and I just want to break out of this toxic ppl pleaser cycle for the better. So sorry for this rant I just needed to tell someone. Thank you for reading this and responding it means a lot, thank you

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