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Just broke up with my friend whom i was friends with over 6+ years. please give me so

My friendship started with this girl when i was in 5th grade and we are both now in highschool. We were super close, talked everyday, studied together and did almost everything together but everything started to go down when i moved to the US during 8th grade, our friendship remained strong for over 7 month. Even though we lived in different location (she in germany and I in the US) the time zone was not really a problem and we often talked like 7hr+ in a day. But our friendship kinda started to fade overtime. Again the location is not the real problem, she found a boyfriend and literally dumped her 5 years of friendship over a boy, and at the time I was js joking around with her saying that I dont wanne be friends anymore etc. but she took it personally and stoped talking to me for like over 6 months which was really crazy to me cs seeing her js leave me like that without making any effort as why I wanted to end the friendship until i reached out after probably a year or something per email..and she was like "omg ur email made me so happy!" and she added me on her socials again. This year she graduated without sharing her moments with me even though she had my snap and other socials, I mean i don't want her to share every aspect of her life with me but that how i used to know her. She became overly dry, doesn't seem to talk to me, or text me let alone call me she is basically ghosting me lol. We made plans when to call bc of the different time zones and it been 3 time now that she struggles to make a call. I texted her the other day she was really dry, and she told me she was out with her "friends" which is kinda surprising bc she is the introverted type who doesn't really make any friends and back then i was her only friend. it seemed like she was enjoying herself lmao..good for her. She became so different, and it feels like I'm talking to a total stranger. I feel like if i would not text her first she wouldn't think of me, like she is just replying i see no effort and excitement in her texts. She was the only person that i felt close with and she was literally my everything. like it's been 4 month that i have her added on snap and im not the stalker type but everyday her snapscore goes up and we don't even talk. She has currently summer break and it seems like she is home all day and told me that she would call at 3pm est to catch up etc which is bs and ended up texting me at like 3:45 and again it's been 4 times that she makes excuses or gives late replies. Like I'm not upset but seeing myself putting all the effort js to talk to her makes me really sad how everything is just onesided, i feel like a desperate fool and i did all of this bc she meant alot to me. today, I ended up blocking her from my friendlist without saying anything ( and it probably wouldn't change anything if i adressed the issue lmao) , honestly I'm just fed up with her behaviors. did i do the right thing? Should maybe add her back (i will probably won't..)? Please give me some advise I really have hard time moving on.
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it sounds like you're both growing up and she's got lots of new things going on that is distracting her from appreciating you. i doubt it is personal but im sure that doesnt hurt you any less. in my experience, cutting people off without a proper conversation first has always left me feeling guilty and annoyed with myself. for peace of mind, i would suggest talking to her honestly and saying how much you value her as a friend and that losing such a unique friendship would be sad however you cannot go on with it being so one sided as you deserve more than that and see what she says? if she dismisses your efforts after this then you can proudly walk off knowing you have great communication, strong morals and havent lost much! all the best!

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