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I could lose my job?

If I don't be an attention seeker at work especially in my team, where everyone notices me and knows who I am, management will sack me.

It's a admin job, in a big company

I just want to do a good job. I've really tried my best. I turn up to work on time, positive, friendly, respectable, want to learn and I've made a lot of good friends.

I've always been shy. Being an attention seeker for people to notice me isn't really my thing. It never mentioned on the job description when I applied to this job to be an attention seeker.

I understand they want to bring the best out of me, bringing me out of my shell, but I feel there's a point where it just needs to stop.

I can't be someone I'm not, to suit there ideals. I just find it very uncomfortable

I love my job and this company, I don't want to be anywhere else tbh.

Any advice?
It's difficult to give advice when you really haven't told us anything. Why do you think you'll be sacked if you're not an 'attention seeker'? I just can't see how it fits into a real world scenario, particularly in something like an admin role, which by their nature don't tend to require any sort of flair.
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