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How to eat healthy with a 9-5

Hey I'm a graduate working a 9-5 job and I'm trying to lose weight and get fitter. I'm pretty consistent with the gym going around 5 times a week, however my diet is not great.

I do meal prep pretty healthy dinners twice a week for 3 days at a time, since I don't get much time to cook. However I don't know what to do for lunch and I end up buying it at work, which is quite unhealthy (and expensive).

Any suggestions for how I could eat healthier lunches? Quite a few of my colleagues make packed lunches with ham sandwiches, a packet of crisps and some vegetables, but I would get bored of that quick.
I gueantleee you have time to cook. A friend said the same but had enough time to spend 2 hours scrolling on tiktok everyday. Its not about time - its about priorities. I work the same hours as you and go to the gym just as much and still manage it

I do the night before. You can always have sandwiches a couple kf times a week too. You need to be as disciplined with your cooking / diet as you are with the gym to reach fitness goals.
I think it's all depends upon you that how much can eat to maintain yourself healhty and fit but don't eat too much ..
You could make packed lunches that don't suck?

Taste aside, I would agree that a plain ham sandwich every day is a bit on the meagre & depressing side. Just my taste, but I would often make up 2 days worth of roast chicken tikka/pesto & spring onion panini rolls. and two days worth of corned beef/ham/chicken/tomato morning rolls, throw in a few yogurt/cereal/snack bars and a flask of coffee. Day 5 I might treat myself to fried/takeaway foods or make up some pasta/chilli or something.
If you meal prep your dinners, why can't you meal prep your lunch?

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