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Original post by dyrlwn
I've been debating between my 5 UCAS options: Oxford, UCL/LSE, Kings, Manchester and Leeds.

\I am applying with actual results (A*A*A achieved). Personally, I feel like my grades are not as outstanding as many others, and I did not do any EPQs related to Law. However, I do have quite a lot of Music ABRSM achievements, olympiad maths competition awards, and loads of extracurriculars that are somehow not really related to Law.

I have done the LNAT, and I left feeling uncertain about my performance, but I think my essay was not as great as I wanted it to be due to the time constraint.

Do you guys have any suggestions on my 5 UCAS choices and how I can change them? I'm also particularly worried that I might be rejected from all 5 offers after seeing many students with excellent stats (even some with 30+ LNAT) get rejected from G5. My application for Oxford is unrealistic, but to be honest, I just want to give it a try rather than regret not applying in the future. Also, should I go for LSE or UCL? Your input is appreciated

You can stay get in to Oxford with your grades A*A*A I know someone who went Oxford studying Medicine with grades A*A*A.

You are likely to be accepted to these Unis.
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Hi is there a threat for UCL?
My two UCAS Conservatoires referees haven't received anything to ask them to submit a reference, even though entered details into application and clicked request reference. On UCAS, my referee got an automated email straight away with instructions. Does anyone know if it works differently on conservatoire platform? Don't know if it's failed or it just takes longer as not automated?
can someone create a biotechnology thread? i would but i feel awkward about it.
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@normaw is there a creative writing one?
@normaw is there a biotechnology thread?
Hello! Is there a postgrad thread for LSE 2024/25 applicants?
Is there a BA Music thread?

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