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Balancing credits between semesters

How important is it to balance the credits between the 2 semesters? I want to choose a 10 credit module for the Autumn semester, but that would mean I do 75 credits in Autumn and 45 in Spring. Is this too much work for Autumn? Alternatively, I could do all my optional modules in Spring, but I'd have to pick a less appealing module. In the second case, it would be a 65/55 split.
It’s really up to you and how capable you feel dealing with the workload.

Speak to your school/department office and ask if you can swap your module choices later on if you think you’ve taken on too much.

Are the modules all exam assessed or a mixture or all coursework?
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Sometimes there are restrictions on how many credits you can take per semester - the aim is for a balance so that students dont get overloaded - so best to check if there are any regs at your uni about this.

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