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Common App Academic transcript

For those applying to USA universities that need an academic transcript what exactly does your school classify as an academic transcript? Your GCSE and A-Level final grades only or do they include your continuous assessment tests throughout the year?

I want to apply to some very competitive schools in the USA but our school's transccript includes both final results and internal tests, the problem is the school places more emphasis on the final exam and hence bombards us with a lot of tests out of the blue and rigorous ones at that making my test grades very bad however my final results are very exceptional and competitive. Not to mention our school grading threshold is lower than the Cambridge one so a C for Cambridge can be a D at our school. They usually excuse this by saying they are doing it so we can do well in our final exams but if both of them hold the same weight then it puts me in a compormising position.

I know UCAS only considers final grades because they understand the true importance that our schools have on the exam and hence they have no issue with us doing very bad in our continuous assessments, but I fear the academic transcript can ruin my chances as it is the most important part of the application. Any advice?

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