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Urgent Autism Advise needed for learning

I have autism and ADHD.
I struggled with learning my whole life. At an early age I had trouble with understanding, learning and reading. My standard was below that of my fellow classmates. I repeated class 5 after failing in 6 out of maybe a total of 12 subjects. Then I changed country where I got admitted to an International school. That means the language of instruction changed from German (I was born in a german speaking country and lived there till age of 13) to English(in my home country). I moved to my home country at the age of 13. That time I got admitted to class 6. At the end of class 6, I failed every subject except 1 subject. In class 7,I did better but still failed 3 subjects. In class 8, I failed maybe 3 subjects. In class 9, I had the option to choose and I chose not to take any Science subjects for Igcse and chose Accounting, Economics, Business, English as a second language, Mathematics. I managed to do really well in those subjects. I even got As. In my Igcse's I got A*,A,A,A,B,B . I was really enjoying studying at that point. I had a plan to come to the UK but did not worry about what I wanted to study, did not worry about my future. After finishing my Igcses , I spent maybe 2 months deciding which subjects I wanted to take. In that process, I spent A LOT of time overthinking about which subject I wanted to study, how much money I could potentially make,which person I wanted to marry, which University I wanted to study in etc. Once my A level started, I switched to being a private student and was sort of home schooled. In that process I spent even more time overthinking about my future. During my A levels, I wasted many many hours about thinking of my future, falling behind schedule, procrastinating, making backup plans on how I could reach my goals if my first plan fails etc. I might have spent more time worrying than studying. Then during corona, I spent even more time worrying and making plans for my future. I sort of took a gap year during corona where I spent almost a year at home worrying and wasting time. I joined University in 2021 in a different country with a different culture and language. Most importantly, I studied a different subject. I failed my first year where I studied Computer science and got 3 out of 60 ECTS. Then I switched to a different program that has similarities in content which was Business and IT. I failed again and got 12.5 out of 60 ECTS during the year. Now I changed program again and I enrolled in a Business bachelor. I sort of feel like, I lost my ability to study in the sense that I can not concentrate because I worried so much in my life. On top of that, my stress levels have increased because my landowner asked to find a new home and I still couldnt find a new home and constantly get rejected. I also live with my parents and do to our low income,many house owners so far have refused to rent to us.I started working from August as well. Everything combined,my overthinking, is still high and I worry too much, have anxiety and I am struggling to study and lead a normal life. What can I do?I am 23 years old now
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