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did this girl probably like me?

One time she had to sit at my group and she had to sit infront of me but the desks are facing each other and her head was faced down but her eyes were looking up at me, i glanced at her for a second and her eyes looked away also remember one time tho she spoke to a classmate and i joined the convo and said something but she didn’t respond back. She would sit there for a while and she even told her friend that she wanted to stay for a while but then A few days later she moved to where her other friends sat.

One time my class was playing jeopardy and she had to be on my team. She didn’t sit infront of me but she called me smart and wanted me to go up next to answer the question. I told her i wasnt but she just nodded her head up and down and didn’t say anything. the other time we were playing another jeopardy review game My friend was team leader choosing members and she wanted to be in our team she kept raising her hand in excitement and she sat next to me and she kept slowing moving her foot until it touched my foot and her foot was like ontop of mines or atleast at the side. Just so you know she was only sitting at a chair with No desk and i was sitting on a chair with a desk. another time she randomly sat next to me instead of being with her friends.

I also one time just saw her standing outside of class when class ended and this happened another time as well. And one time she randomly joined a convo of mines too.
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Like you in what way? Just ask her.
sounds like she definitely liked you in some way but from personal experience, the foot thing is no mistake :wink: and her prioritising you over her own friends was a sign as well. and her joining in convos means she was also interested
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Like you in what way? Just ask her.

Like in a crush way. also i would ask but like if she did like me i don’t think she’ll admit it unless i had feelings too lol

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