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I'm currently in Year 12 studying Maths, Computer Science and Business. I was wondering about Unis, I'm really interested in Lancaster and I know it is ranked well. But I was wondering even though it is ranked highly and higher then some Unis, for example University of Liverpool, would going to a lower rated Russel group be better then a higher rated non-Russel for employability later on? Most Russel groups despite them being lower ranked are harder to get into then Lancaster but it is ranked better. Lancaster has a great Software Engineering course which is what I want to go into so I was wondering if going to Lancaster would be worse for employability then other Unis such as Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield.
Rankings don't mean a thing, honestly, and the Russell Group is just a clever bit of marketing. Go to the uni you like and don't give a second thought to rankings :smile:
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As above - rankings are total bunkum.

Ignore it, and choose the courses that interest you, and Unis where you will feel comfortable.

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